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fragilexo [userpic]

April 30th, 2008 (02:55 pm)

current mood: chipper

Two consecutive entries!

Don't die of shock, all. :)

Let's see... exciting things that have happened today.

Ummm... I haven't eaten yet?

Wait. Things that have happened.

Let's see. I'm getting my English professor and my Shakespeare professor to write recommendations so I will be an English tutor next semester! Eeee, isn't that exciting? I can't wait.

And um... I'm freaking starving... *shrug*

Ahahaha one of my friends from school today asked me how likely it was that I would sleep with him. Then asked for individual tutoring for English.


Christ. Only in my life.

Fack. I'm still hungry. Only have $0.57 on me too. :( And however much credit I have on my credit card. Which isn't much.

Waiting on reading lists to arrive from Quincy's philosophy professor... and Professor Dooner promised me he'd write me one too... I'm probably going to start on Dooner's first.

Bwaha, surprise surprise. I'm such an English major.

So I've determined that sometime soon I want to read Moby Dick. Unabridged.


So I can say I did. I don't care if there are chapters on how to fry whale fat. Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment in that?

Btw Marlowe seriously just can't compare.


So shoot me.

... Actually, please don't.

This mofo needs some sleep. Wonder if I can get it while here? We'll find out.