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December 17th, 2008 (11:31 pm)

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Today was my last finals at Quincy College.

They went surprisingly easily, though they certainly came with a dose of sorrow to be leaving. My classes with Professors Dooner and Saitta-Ringger were most enjoyable, and I shall mourn the end of my Philosophy class-- I doubt I'll ever find a class where I can be so openly disrespectful to a professor and know he still likes me. XD I've called him ugly, I've called him gay, I've insulted his stupid bow ties... yet I adored the class. A class where a person gets to sit around and argue the entire time? Hell yes! Computer Science I won't miss-- it was dreadfully boring-- though I doubt an A will ever come that easily again in my college career.

I promised Steve and Deb (Dooner and Saitta-Ringger) that we will meet for lunch before I leave, and that's a promise I intend to honor. Steve is the reason I'm an English major, and Deb's just plain awesome. I adore them both, and will sorely miss them (which is why I have their e-mail addresses and intend to write weekly!)

This year at Quincy has certainly seen a lot of changes. A license, for one... independance... responsibility... as well as my opening my mind and my heart to recovery, TRUE recovery.

Over this past year, God knows I've been through a lot.

But, thanks to my dad being the awesome guy he is, thanks to the awesome friends I have, especially back in NY, and thanks to the best therapist I've ever had...

Quincy put me on the road to recovery. Okay, maybe that's kind of a post hoc ergo propter hoc idea, but nevertheless. If I didn't come here and go to Quincy, I would have stayed in New York, and likely gotten worse.

In other news, I got my lip pierced.