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fragilexo [userpic]

January 4th, 2009 (10:57 pm)

Simone stood alone at a piano, musing over its ivory keys thoughtfully. Her parents stood in a corner, nervously wringing their hands at their willful daughter, who did what she wanted regardless of the consequences.</p>

“Dear--” Simone's mother began nervously. Simone looked up sharply, her gray-blue eyes stormy with a sudden fierceness at the distraction, and Jeanette was abruptly silenced. Simone lifted her fingers off of the keys and inspected the room. This is it, she breathed to herself softly. The place where she could finally explore her dream, unchecked by well-intentioned but slightly dim parents. The room Simone, Jeanette, and her father Paul stood in was somewhat small and cramped with chairs. The walls were adorned with posters of every kind of band imaginable, as well as musicals, operas, and the occasional silly music joke.

Simone loved it.

Finally looking back to her anxious parents, Simone rolled her eyes. “Okay, fine, I've seen enough of the school, let's go unpack.” Although she heard their sighs of relief, Simone pretended not to notice. She was too wrapped up in the fact that she was finally here, that after countless expulsions her parents finally understood what she had been trying to communicate all along... and that they would presently be absent from her daily life.

It wasn't that Jeanette and Paul were bad people, per se... they were just tedious to communicate with and deal with on a daily basis. Jeanette had gone to this school when she herself was younger, but she was not the social type and had a miserable time at the school. Simone, on the other hand, knew how to make friends.

Well, and the occasional enemy. But the friends that she made usually outnumbered her enemies enough that she could instigate an instant ass-kicking if she so desired.

Oh, yes, Simone's other problem responsible for leading her here: a slight willful streak.

Okay, slight could possibly be an understatement. Even Simone knew that her mother was terrified of Simone's temper, an inkling that Simone often used to her advantage. Paul simply wasn't home enough to affect Simone in one way or another-- she was surprised that he had somehow managed to get the day off to come drop her off at this new school.

Actually... wait. Simone could hear his cell phone vibrating. “Dad.” Paul looked at her innocently, pretending he didn't hear or feel it. After a couple of seconds, it got irritating. “Dad, answer the goddamn phone!” Simone said with exasperation.

After a couple of mumbled tones, Paul hung up and shrugged. “I have to go back into work.”

Jeanette softly voiced her disappointment as Simone entered her new bedroom and threw her clothing and her only important worldly possessions on top of the bed. Paul approached Simone softly. “'Mone?” he tried, tentatively. He was frightened that she would be upset, obviously.

But no. Neither of them realized that she was grateful for the opportunity for some solitude. “Whatever, Dad, it's fine,” Simone said, shrugging. She gave her parents halfhearted hugs and shied away from their simultaneous attempts at kissing their daughter. “See you guys.”
“Bye, honey!” Jeanette said, already halfway out the door. “You be good, baby, you've got my number and the cell phone number and--”

“-- the house numbers of the neighbors for three miles around?” Simone interrupted, rolling her eyebrows.

Paul's approach was slightly more formal than his daughters. “Simone, I expect you to clean up your behavior while you are here. Remember, if you cannot, the trust fund goes strictly to Amelia.”

Simone's lips immediately tightened. Amelia. Simone's perfect, beautiful, smart older sister who had a significantly worse attitude problem than Simone... Amelia just hid it significantly better.”I know, Dad,” Simone said softly. “Don't be late.”

And with that, they left her alone, in a new school, with no friends or even any acquaintances. Instead of fear or nervousness, all Simone felt was an intense sensation of relief.