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fragilexo [userpic]

January 19th, 2009 (02:56 am)

Well, here's my first update from Potsdam. At three in the morning.

Meh. My first class tomorrow is at noon, so I really don't care as much as I should.

I am taking:
Intro to Human Genetics
Human Sexuality
Literary Analysis

I am also in:
Phoenix Club (all-girls choir)

I believe I may have pulled a muscle in my right leg, which is extraordinarily annoying and has me bitching whenever I need to do any significant walking (read: outside of my dorm). The limp is pissing me off.

Resolutions doing okay. Need more work on the weight-loss front. Have been pretty nice to myself though, and have not kissed anyone except in platonic matters.

Am still hopeless with hair. Well, I have a year to work on it.