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fragilexo [userpic]

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March 15th, 2009 (04:46 am)

 To the whole two of you that read my LJ...

Yes, I am aliiiiiiive!

*evil cackle*

Haha... my laptop shit the bed. >_< The power source is disconnected from the motherboard. Which is a huge fucking pain in my ass, as I have no money to get it fixed. ARRRRGH.

I'd lost my phone, however I do have a new one... RACHEAL, CALL ME! I lost your cell phone number and I misssssss youuuuu. :( The number's the same. :D

I applied at the Potsdam McDonald's today. 2 mile walk each way... and I walked there, dropped off a sheet of paper (wearing my McDonald's sweater, might I add :3) and walked back.


I am that awesome.

Roommate is annoying. Blah.

Oh! Sorry I deleted my MySpace. It was getting annoying. >>;;

I have apparently become nocturnal, as it seems that I cannot sleep before 8AM at the earliest. It's sort of getting annoying, plus I am in a permanent state of looking like a crackwhore. Frightened that my grades will likely be suffering this semester... big time. I've been sick, a lot, and even when i AM awake I don't have the energy to get out of bed...

No, I'm not drinking. My friends and I are too boring for that... the way it always is.

Oh! I'm finally addicted to a video game! @_@ It's an Xbox 360 first person shooter game.... Left 4 Dead. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE FOR THE WIN!

Erm... let's see...

Have a boyfriend. I don't know how much I really want to be with him though, which is a problem because I'm only like his third girlfriend ever, and I took his virginity, and he's severely depressed... I'm scared that if I were to end things, he'd kill himself, and I do care about him... just not sure if I care about him THAT much... I don't know... blah.

Life is weird and confusing, the way it always is.


Depression's back, full force. I probably should be hospitalized again, because it's bad and getting worse... but I'm scared Dad would find out, and if he found out, he might put me in a home or something and I really just don't want that...

In other news, I turn 20 in 10 days.

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